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50 Ways To Kill Me [December 1998 - January 2012) [07 May 2012|05:46am]
[ mood | horny ]


This is the hardest letter I've ever had to write because I know it will disappoint many, but I don't think anyone will be as disappointed as I am about this shit because I didn't want things ending up this way. I want to start off by saying that it's been a long time, about 17 years since I've written the first song of this style that I've invented and about 13 years since I've done it under the 50 Ways To Kill Me name. It's been so many years of trying to get my message across and lots of people understood what I was doing and supported it but for the most part this was a project that the majority of the world was not ready for yet and because of that I have faced having the plug pulled on me mid-performance, pulled off the air on the radio, and been taken off hundreds of spots on the internet. These days it's hard for an artist to express themselves without being crucified for it unless it's hipster conformist bullshit. True art is often times not allowed. I'm sure most of you really big fans have noticed a major decline in 50 Ways activity since around 2010 right after Gnarly Deth Wish dropped. That's because I had something cooking that was supposed to be a pleasant surprise to the fans and well what has been going on during this time frame is that I felt that it was time for 50 Ways to take things to the next level and so I tried putting a full band together, a solid lineup. I found this dude named Ruga, an amazing bandmate, amazing musician, and amazing friend. He was the only person I've met who had a vision so similar to my own, the only one who understood what I was doing and was behind it to the fullest. I mean this kid was good, and he had a Roland GR-09 guitar synthesizer, please look that up on youtube if you know not what it is. So now with there being two of us, it's like we were half way there and were pushing for this full lineup because with there now being two of us instead of just me, things seemed possible and we had hope. We found a female drummer who was really good as well as a bassist. With the four of us we had electronic drums, guitar synthesizers, keyboards, crushing distorted guitar and brutally blistering distorted bass/bass-synth. This band sounded great and sounded closer to old school 50 Ways than Gnarly Deth Wish even did, but Ruga and I were the only ones really into it and really dedicated. Even after I spent over 10 thousand dollars on a tour van and equipment (flashy pointy guitars, wardrobe, banners, dancing robot mascots, full stacks, drum triggers, pa system, light-up drumsticks, strobe lights etc etc etc) they just were still lazy, and while Ruga and I continued to work hard these other two were impossible to get to a band practice, and after these jerks getting impatient with how long it was taking to put together my masterpiece of a live show, they start a very general, basic, non-innovative generic hardcore-punk band behind my back and even using all my equipment, behind my back! There was a lot of corruptness and shadiness and it took such a toll on my mental health that even the mention of 50 Ways saddens me. When people recognize me on the streets and ask me how 50 Ways is going, I put on a fake smile and spew out some general lying answer... and when it has become this un-fun for me I don't feel I can go on any longer. These people really traumatized me, and wasted a very large amount of my money, and wasted a very large amount of my time, and for eternity I'll never forgive them. I'm undecided if I want to leak their names or shitty band name because karma will do the work for me and for us 50 Ways fans. I've been dicked over by so many record labels and dickhead promoters and crucified for just being myself and for christ's sake I've been doing the fucking band since I was in 8th grade! I need a break and 50 Ways I am sad to announce is going into hiatus. I apologize to all my fans who I love more than anything in the world and I understand if you're all disappointed. I'm going to focus on other things such as my new band, which I play guitar (studio only) and drums (studio & live) in, and going to seek counseling, and then one day I hope I can put the painful memories aside and put out a boxset which will contain an almost-complete discography plus 250 never-released never-before-heard songs, as well as a DVD, which I will do one more national tour for to help get rid of the product. But don't get your hopes up about it because someone even mentioning 50 Ways really turns me off and It'll be a long time before I'm ready to proceed with that boxset/tour idea. To all my biggest fans; V, Mike, Simon, Brian B, Nicky Sicky and especially my bandmate Ruga and the dozens of you that I have even seen with 50 Ways tattoos on your skin, and all the rest of you (you know who you are), you'll never know how much you've deeply touched me with your support and I forever thank you and I hope to hang out with all of you on the future tour, but like I said, that'll be a very long time from now. I hate writing this letter, I can't stand it and this difficult decision, but 50 Ways is no longer fun and these bastards that I foolishly let into my band killed it for me. You might be thinking "how did Jay let two unimportant assholes ruin his life's work!?", well it's not so much them themselves, it's more that I've been crucified for being myself for well over a decade now and they were just the last straw that I can take. Now, there's a huge overstock of 50 Ways merch still available taking up space in my home and seeing it brings me down and I want to get rid of it and proceeds go towards supporting me and money for my new band, Lÿnch Pigs. I'll be providing that Merch link at the bottom, And please, I don't want 50 Ways fans being against Lÿnch Pigs and accusing it of being the cause of the end of 50 Ways because it's truly NOT, in fact these people in this new band have given me the opportunity to do something new and totally different and get my mind off what I'd like to get my mind off of. 50 Ways will hopefully make that return one day, and it could be as soon as 2 or 3 years but please understand that I've been to hell and back with finding myself spiritually, musically, and my spot in this morbid existence and I can't predict what the future will bring and can't promise much. 50 Ways could make a major comeback and go all out full force but at the current moment it's just looking doubtful. I'm sorry to everyone, but I know my biggest supporters and fans will understand and support my liberation from these chains. To all the dicks that tried stomping me out for what I do and made shit difficult, you win... but only for now.



Merch still available:

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Merry Christmas [24 Dec 2011|03:03pm]
[ mood | Joyful ]

Free download:
Zip file - 24.6mb

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Fun Funeral Re-Release!!! [24 Jul 2011|01:09am]
The 4th 50WTKM album "Fun Funeral", which was originally only released in Europe on 06/06/06, is now going to be re-released in the United States, remastered and with exclusive bonus tracks. And it comes out on 09/11/11, the 10 year anniversary of 9-11.

So that's right kids, on 9-11 buy Fun Funeral on cassette from Sludgesicle Records!

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New Website [05 Jul 2011|10:43am]
the old 50WTKM website was chaos. we probably would have kept it forever but it FINALLY got deleted, so a new one was made. The new one is temporary until something a little bit better can be made. You may notice the new site doesn't contain much content, but I assure you that at least the full-downloads section of all 50 Ways mp3s available for free download will eventually be put on the new site

As disgusting as the old site was, I'm going to miss that thing, hahaha
any questions feel free to email me at 50wtkm@punchmyvagina.com


new site:
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R.I.P. Seth Putnam [12 Jun 2011|09:58pm]
R.I.P. Seth Putnam (May 15, 1968 – June 11, 2011)

Jay & friends with Seth:
Another pic of Jay & Seth:


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verygood. [05 Apr 2011|03:18am]

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We're done with myspace [17 Nov 2010|10:29am]
We can't believe how shitty Myspace has gotten!!!!!!!!
So we are no longer logging into http://myspace.com/50wtkm

Now that myspace is 100% a facebook ripoff, might as well use the real thing:

please "like" it and "suggest to friends"
thanks dudes
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New Review in Razorcake magazine [17 Nov 2010|10:27am]
New Review in Razorcake magazine

Gnarly Deth Wish: CD

What it sounds like is more or less what it is—one dude (and occasionally a little help from his friends) with access to ProTools and/or cheap studio time cranks out fifty songs with song titles providing specific examples of how the intent inherent in the band’s name can be executed (pun intended). It’s clear that all involved are quite proficient musically and have a definite sense of humor, but this ultimately gets kinda dull about six songs in. –Jimmy Alvarado (Scene Destroyer)

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100% pure PUNK!!!!!! [26 Oct 2010|05:52am]
Warning: If you don't get punk NOW, there's a chance you may NEVER get punk. What the fuck are you waiting for? Hurry up! Get Punk!!!!



add us as a friend on those two sites. do it now or face chances of never becoming punk.
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free music downloads [25 Oct 2010|06:13pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

download the 50wtkm split cassette tape with THC Eraticus and Breakdancing Ronald Reagan on Trichrome Noise Records FOR FREE!!!!!!

Here's the link:

ALSO!! download the BRAND NEW "Fucking Kill & Fucking Die" EP for FREE!!!!!!!
heres that link!!!


if you like what you hear, return the favor by subscribing to 50WaysTube here:

thanx! -jay

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New Review of Gnarly Deth Wish [25 Oct 2010|02:04am]
[ mood | drained ]

New Review from the Skrutt Webzine (Sweden)



50 låtar kan bli rätt så mycket på en skiva och med låttitlar som är lika långa som walesiska städer.Riktigt kul skiva faktiskt…och hans musik är snabb punkrock som inspirerats av tidig amerikansk hardcore kan jag tänka mig. Ta lite Dead Kennedys, lite Minor Threat, lite Ramones, lite metal och lite tidig punk och 50 ways to kill me är ett faktum. Ibland blir det riktigt bra melodier och man diggar loss ganska bra till den här galningens musik. Kul låttitlar många gånger och detta är en udda skiva i all sin vanlighet. 15/9-2010



50 songs can be rally much on one record and with songtitles as long as Welch cities so is this a really fun record actually…and his music is fast punkrock which have been inspiring by early American hardcore I can imagine. Take some Dead Kennedys, some Minor Threat, some Ramones, some metal and some early punk and 50 ways to kill me is a fact. Sometimes it´s really good melodies and you can dig this a lot to this maniacs music. Fun songtitles and this is an odd record in all it´s usuality. 15/9-2010

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New Review of Gnarly Deth Wish [25 Oct 2010|01:56am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

New review in October issue of Virus Magazine (Germany)

jay decay kämpft mit seinem irrinnsprojekt 50wtkm seit nunmehr 15 jahren gegen geistige gesundheit in der musik an und für sich. wie nennen wir's denn? casio-grindcore, elektromüllmetal, klapperdeath? keine ahnung. jedenfalls hat der Mann auch diesmal wieder dem konzept seines projekts die Treue gehalten und 50 songs aufgenommen, die möglichkeiten aufzeigen, seine so kreative wie behämmerte existenz zu beenden. das hat er tatsächlich bereits auf unzahligen kassetten, CDs, download-dingsbumsen gemacht und dürfte mittlerweile circa 700 möglichkeiten des getötetwerdens zusammen haben. die ideen gehen Jay nicht aus, und man weiß nicht, welcher titel die meiste bewunderung verdient.

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Gnarly Deth Wish [11 Oct 2010|06:10am]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Hey humans, if you still haven't picked up the new record whatchya waitin' for!? Well here's a spot on the web I found where you can get a sneak-preview of all 50 tracks!:

And here's a review of the album:

As well as that reviewer's top 10 fave songs off the album:

So here's the link where you can pick up your own copy today!:

Order today through PayPal and get free 50WTKM stickers! All major cards accepted! Thanks for the support, I love all you bastards! -Jay Decay

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50WTKM on Youtube [20 Sep 2010|12:03am]
official youtube page

please subscribe
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New T-Shirts AVAILABLE NOW! [21 Aug 2010|03:21pm]
[ mood | listless ]



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[10 Aug 2010|06:48am]
Vote for 50 Ways To Kill Me on Indielite Radio
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Next release [05 Jul 2010|10:25am]
50WTKM will be doing a 3 way split 3" mini-CD with Analizator from Serbia and Scumfuck from Germany and it will be coming out on Fecal Junk Records.

50 Ways To Kill Me:



Fecal Junk Records:
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50WTKM appearance on AWESOME complilation - ORDER ONE NOW !! [02 Jul 2010|07:41pm]

50WTKM appears on a 12" vinyl compilation LP along with 99 other bands all playing 30-seconds-long or shorter songs. Some of the bands on the comp are 50WTKM, ATOM AGE, FED UP, VOETSEK, GODSTOMPER, FUCK THE FACTS (i know they suck but atleast it's only 30 seconds), BIZARRE X, AGATHOCLES, GORGONIZED DORKS, BIZARRE X, CHAINSAW TO THE FACE,

order one here:


Also!... last chances for getting a 50wtkm shirt are NOW, only 1 medium left and only 4 larges left:

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New 50WTKM album out NOW [14 Jun 2010|07:11pm]
The album is called Gnarly Deth Wish
click here to buy one
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shirts , not many, first come first serve [07 Jun 2010|07:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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